Heat Tint Removal Machine Accessories

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HTR500-1: Spoon Applicator and Lead, HTR500-2: Ground Clamp and Lead, HTR120-3: Spoon Applicator Replacement Boots (1 case of 5 bags / 6 boots per bag), HTR120-3A: Spoon Applicator Replacement Boots (1 bag of 6 replacement boots), HTR120-8: Roller Applicator Replacement Pads (1 case of 5 bags / 6 pads per bag), HTR120-8A: Roller Applicator Replacement Pads (1 bag of 6 replacement pads), HTR500-1A: 8 – ft Extension Cable for Brush/Spoon/Roller Applicator, HTR500-5: Brush Applicator and Lead, HTR 120-6: Brush Appliator Replacement (1 bag of 5 replacement brushes), HTR 120-6A: Brush Applicator Replacement (1 bag of 2 replacement brushes)


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