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392 All Purpose Cleaner RTU


All Purpose Cleaner RTU is a milder version of our top selling concentrated Industrial Grade All Purpose Cleaner. This ready-to-use formula does not require dilution. Excellent for use on industrial countertops, conveyor systems, and most painted surfaces (avoid extended exposure to aluminum surfaces). This simple Green Line formula can be used for virtually all general purpose cleaning. All Purpose Cleaner RTU is non-flammable and biodegradable.


402 Skip Spat™

Skip Spat  

Skip Spat is the newest addition to the Dynaflux Green Line of environmentally safe anti spatter and nozzle shield products. Developed specifically for high temperature applications up to 400°, this revolutionary formula contains a heavier molecular weight than most water based anti spatters for a thicker, higher viscosity material. The proprietary anti-corrosion additive will also protect against rusting. Skip Spat can be sprayed or brushed on and can be welded through while wet or after drying. Skip Spat is paint compatible and easily wiped away with water or a damp cloth and leaves no residue. Skip Spat does not contain any chlorinated solvents, will not carbonize, and is odor free.

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