The HTR121 Heat Tint Removal Machine quickly and economically removes heat tint and discoloration from welded heat-affected zones on stainless steel after T.I.G. welding applications. A light application of Dynaflux HTR-120 Solution using either a spoon or roller applicator eliminates grinding, sanding, buffing and polishing. Cleans and passivates in one easy step. Accessories and solution sold separately.

Voltage (AC)
115 V

Complete Machine with Spoon Applicator

Connect unit to 110 volt power. Secure ground clip to work piece. Saturate applicator boot or applicator pad with HTR-120 Solution. Allow excess fluid to drip off applicator. Turn unit ON. Pass applicator GENTLY over the heat-stained weld zone. Allow applicator boot or applicator pad to float over the fluid layer. The chemical action of the electrically charged solution barrier removes the heat stain. NOTE: Any excessive pressure that effectively squeezes the solution away and permits dry grounding to occur is counterproductive and shortens the life of the applicator boot or pad. Dry grounding or arcing of applicator wand may trip relay. Push to reset. Rinse with clean water immediately after cleaning to neutralize any chemical left on surface. This will prevent white oxidation from forming on the surface.

If white oxidation does appear, residual film remaining on the work surface may be removed using Dynaflux Stainless Steel Finisherâ„¢ (Product No. 394) .