HTR500S Complete Machine with Spoon Applicator

The Heat Tint Removal Machine quickly and economically removes heat tint and discoloration from welded heat-affected zones on stainless steel after T.I.G. welding applications. A light application of Dynaflux HTR-120 Solution using the spoon applicator eliminates grinding, sanding, buffing and polishing. Cleans and passivates in one easy step. The spoon applicator is an all-purpose applicator that can be used in all areas and uses a replacement boot.

Machine Features:

  • 115 vac power supply
  • power indicator light
  • protected with circuit breaker relay
  • powerful transformer
  • cooling fan for heavy duty applications and extended machine life
  • dinse connectors
  • heavy duty ground clamp
  • light-weight and portable
  • no surface preparation needed
  • cleans and passivates in one easy step